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Casa de las Palomas is located on a village-like cobblestone street in the Marfil district of Guanajuato. Available on the street are all the things needed for daily life.




There is a small grocery store, two butchers, numerous snack shops, a coffee and pastry shop, two carnitas stands, a juice stand, a photographer, a religious articles store, and an OXXO (a convenience store).


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Sited on the highest pont in the street is the La Parroquia de San José y la Purísima Concepción, the local parish church, which was built in the late 18th century. During Easter, an important procession is held in the street. The procession is organized around the Stations of the Cross, and the Casa de las Palomas is the fifth station.













Beyond our street is old Marfil, which was built along the Guanajuato River.  In the 16thIMG_0804 (1) and 17th centuries, silver miners used the river to process silver ore and built a series of haciendas for storing machinery and IMG_0802 (1)materials.  These haciendas have been converted into picturesque homes and businesses. A major cultural center, the Gene Byron Museum, is located in one of the old haciendas. Near the river is an old church, the Antigua Parroquia de Santiago y San José,  the original parish church of Marfil.




IMG_0805Located within walking distance of the house are many restaurants, such as La TrattoriaPuscua, and Calandrios.  A bit further down the road are a group of restaurants near the Presa de los Santos.