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The front door of Casa de las Palomas opens into a small entry space which is cool and shady. This entry area is four steps below the brick path leading toward the house.








Above the steps is a much more expansive space, with wide garden beds on both sides of the path.

These beds are planted with a variety of succulents and flowering plants.








At the end of the brick path, steps rise to the courtyard of the house. This stairway, like the entry space, is narrow and intimate.








At the top of the steps, the space expands into a courtyard enclosed by garden walls, the house, and a pomegranate tree. The courtyard is paved with a variety of colorful stones and has a fountain.







IMG_6337 (1)



Beyond the garden gate is a path that leads to a raised vegetable garden and a parking area.


Both the vegetable garden and the parking area are built with stone walls which could become the foundations of small houses.



A large cactus garden is below the garden path.



It is planted in a formal manner with a variety of cacti and agaves. This garden has a small brick patio which is shaded by a pirul and a sapote tree. There are also several olive trees, an avocado tree, and a sour orange tree.





There is also a small garden patio off the second bedroom.






From the rooftop and most of the rooms of the house are views of the dramatic landscape of Guanajuato.