Furnishings and Folk Art

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Casa de las Palomas contains an interesting collection of furnishings and folk art. This accumulation began after the construction of the house when Gene Byron and Virgilio Fernandez furnished the house with examples of their work.  Subsequent owners of the house have added to the collection.

There are many examples of the various styles of Mexican ceramics in the house. In addition to the ceramics by Gene Byron, there are works by Capelo, Morales and Gonzales.  There are also many interesting pieces of tourist pottery from various parts of Mexico.

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Interesting pieces of wood furniture and folk art are found throughout the house. Much of the furniture was crafted in the Byron-Fernandez studio. In addition there are several pieces of primitive Mexican furniture.  The doors are all hand crafted, old, and made from mesquite wood. There are several pieces of wooden folk sculpture scattered about the house.

Stone is another handicraft represented. Beside the stone walls and floors, there are six bovada (brick) ceilings. Thoughout the house are 18th century stone artifacts used as door frames, fireplace surrounds, and structural brackets. This was a common practice in the houses that Manuel Parra designed.  There is a hand crafted stone fountain and pila in the courtyard and several stone basins used as bird baths.

Metal was a craft that Gene Byron perfected. Most of the light fixtures, many lamps and numerous candlesticks were the product of her studio. The studio also built hammered iron tables and stands.  The magnificent iron garden gate was one of her designs. Much of the door hardware is old, carefully crafted iron work. In the stairwell to the second floor, there is an 18th century chandelier, similar to one displayed in several Mexican museums.

There are several examples of Mexican fabric in the house.  There are Oaxacan rugs, Satillo sarapes, table linens from Michoacan, and even a Mexican puppet.