History of Casa de las Palomas

  Gene Byron and Virgilio Fernandez built Casa de las Palomas in 1963. Gene Byron, who after working as a radio actress in Chicago, settled in Mexico and worked as a artist. She married Virgilio Fernandez, a physician and Spanish Civil War veteran. Together they ran a business in which they designed and produced furnishings and […]

Furnishings and Folk Art

Casa de las Palomas contains an interesting collection of furnishings and folk art. This accumulation began after the construction of the house when Gene Byron and Virgilio Fernandez furnished the house with examples of their work.  Subsequent owners of the house have added to the collection. There are many examples of the various styles of […]


      The front door of Casa de las Palomas opens into a small entry space which is cool and shady. This entry area is four steps below the brick path leading toward the house.             Above the steps is a much more expansive space, with wide garden beds on both […]


      Casa de las Palomas is located on a village-like cobblestone street in the Marfil district of Guanajuato. Available on the street are all the things needed for daily life.       There is a small grocery store, two butchers, numerous snack shops, a coffee and pastry shop, two carnitas stands, a juice […]


Marfil is a neighborhood in the city of Guanajuato, which is located in the Central Highlands of Mexico at an altitude of 6500 feet. The area was settled in the middle 16th century and developed as a major silver mining town.  When the silver mining became less profitable, the city became a sleepy provincial town […]

Future information

We will be adding more details about the house in the next few weeks.  This will include information about Guanajuato,  the neighborhood, the history of the house, and the gardens.